10-29-2016: Humpback Feeding Frenzy at Moss with Dolphins & Sea Lions


Though our trip today began with a light drizzle, before long the skies cleared up and we spotted our first humpback whales, only two miles outside Moss Landing Harbor. We hopscotched from those three whales out to a large group of Risso’s dolphins (probably more than 200) that were breaching and socializing around us, before moving on toward a flock of birds and a series of splashes. We discovered a huge group (500+) of feeding common dolphins, which haven’t spent much time around Moss for the past few months! Just beyond the dolphins was a growing group of humpbacks, lunging up out of the water to scoop up gigantic mouthfuls of anchovies. Photos: Vicky Stein

Risso’s Dolphin


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