09-16-2016: More Killer Whale Action in Front of Moss, Humpback Whales and Risso’s Dolphins

Monterey Bay Killer Whale “Fat Fin” on the prowl just outside of Moss Landing. Photo: Chase Dekker, sanctuarycruises.com 09-14-2016

We are definitely settling into our Fall weather pattern. Warm and sunny with calm, smooth ocean conditions. All day long. And then there are animals. They seem to be coming closer to Moss Landing. At least that was the case this week. Including killer whales on several trips.

Monterey Bay Risso's Dolphin This Risso’s dolphin repeatedly did these head slaps. Photo: Chase Dekker, sanctuarycruises.com 09-14-2016

The humpbacks have still been scattered. But there have been a handful within a few miles of Moss Landing on some trips. Other trips they’ve been a little further out.

Monterey Bay Risso's Dolphin Monterey Bay Risso’s dolphin. Photo: Chase Dekker, 09-14-2016

We have been seeing some occasional humpback surface lunging on anchovies. But the anchovies have also been scattered and not very dense. It’s nice to be out there photographing when it’s so calm. We’ll probably be doing some photo-tours coming up soon.

Peregrine Sailing Monterey Bay The mighty Peregrine under full sail. Join us for a sail sometime. We are now offering sailing tours. Only six passengers at a time. Silently gliding along in comfort. It’s a whole different experience. Call Captain Mike at (831) 239-5504 to book a trip or for more information. Photo: Chase Dekker, sanctuarycruises.com 09-15-2016

Let’s go sailing! We’re now offering naturalist led sailing tours aboard our luxury sailboat. She’s a 48′ Mariner ketch. She is a well-founded and well-equipped world cruising sailboat. Ask about our “Follow the Migration” tours coming up in October. This tour will take you on a multi-day journey departing from the Moss Landing Harbor to Santa Cruz Island off of Santa Barbara. Then to Santa Barbara for a relaxing coastal train ride back up to the Salinas train station and then ground transportation back to Moss Landing. This is tour is for the  serious marine life adventurer. Also offering weekend tours from Channel Islands Harbor to Santa Cruz Island. Or just book a two hour tour out of Moss Landing.

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