11-18-2012 Slap-happy Humpbacks and Frolicking Dolphins

Leaping Risso’s Dolphin
Today was a perfect example of why we LOVE what we do. We had great whale and dolphin experiences and really calm seas plus sunshine. We knew things were off to a great start when were greeted by a waving Humpback as soon as we turned the corner to exit the harbor. This humpback is distinctively marked, so we have named her “Speckles”. She has been hanging around Moss Landing for weeks now. Today she was just plain having fun and with each surfacing she would roll over and repeatedly slap the water’s surface with her huge pectoral flipper. This went on for over an hour which was quite a sight to behold.

When things settled down with the humpbacks we headed out to find dolphins. Success! We came upon a mixed species pod with hundreds of Risso’s dolphins, over a hundred Northern Right Whale Dolphins and several dozen Pacific White-sided Dolphins. Their activity level was awesome with constant breaching, head-slaps, porpoising and tail lobbing. We love days like today!



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