10-24-2012 The Big Three Today! Orca, Humpback Whales and Dolphins

It started out pouring down rain and I gather our small load of passengers inside the cabin to stay dry. We were hoping for the trusty humpbacks that have been circling right outside of Moss today. But there were gone. We headed out towards the southwest to a whale report and soon found Risso’s dolphins. It was a great pod that displayed some playful behavior – leaping, tail lobbing and breaching. We love it when they do this! After some good looks we kept on towards the whale report. By this time the sun was shining and a huge brilliant rainbow appeared. It was magical.

Sure enough, we found the whales! These two were really cool, as they just circled our boat, popping up on a different side each time they surfaced. Short dives, close-up looks and some nice tail flukes. The black-footed albatross was an added treat.

It was a good day and we were happy with our sightings, including a mola, many different species of pelagic birds and tons of jellies. As we contentedly approached the Moss Landing Harbor mouth the large tall black dorsal fin of a big male Orca appeared. Now this is how we like to top off a good day! He had just made a sea lion kill and was a happy killer whale. In fact, he gave us a nice tail toss and a breach! The day turned into a GREAT day.

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