06-03-2012: Humpback Lunge Feeding Frenzy Continues, Risso’s Dolphins, Black-footed Albatross and Nice Conditions

Humpback whale lunge feeds on surface krill off of Moss Landing on the Monterey Bay. Photo: Sack 06-03-2012

The lunge feeding frenzy continues with many humpbacks about 5-miles outside of Moss Landing Harbor. It’s nice to be with whales within 30-minutes of leaving the harbor. There were at least 15-20 whales in about a mile or two area. We could see distant blows, the occasional distant breach or splash.

A humpback whale does a sideways lunge feed as it takes down a massive load of krill off of Moss Landing on the Monterey Bay. Photo Sack, 06-03-2012

And then there was the lunge feeding and abundant krill swarms. We were even able to collect some sample specimens for a krill researcher at UCSC’s Long Marine Lab.

Double Lunge feed. Two humpbacks lunge feed together on the abundant krill swarms that are appearing all over The Monterey Bay over the last week. Photo: Sack, 06-04-2012

We also came across a nice pod of Risso’s dolphins and heard reports of more humpbacks and blue whales in other parts of The Bay. Hopefully the nice weather will continue into the week. Still have plenty of room on all our trips this week.

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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