05-28-2013: More Friendly Humpbacks, Many Black-footed Albatross, Excellent Weather Conditions

We had another epic day on The Bay today with perfect weather and friendly humpbacks.

Friendly Humpback whale

A friendly humpback whale comes up to the boat to check us out. Notice the animal’s eye looking directly at everyone. This was a very moving experience. Photo: Sack, 05-28-2013

It’s awesome to have a mother and yearling take an interest in us by coming up to our boat and just floating there looking at us 3-feet away. We also had the youngster spy-hop a couple of times.

Friendly Humpback Whale

A friendly humpback does another pass to check us out. Photo: Sack, 05-28-2013.

It looks like the Humpbacks are starting to come closer to shore. They’ve been between 8-13 miles out lately.

Humpback whale

A yearling humpback seems to wave at us with it pectoral fin. Photo: Sack, 05-28-2013.

Unfortunately, the weather has been picking up quick in the early afternoon, making the going rough.

Friendly humpback making the rounds to get a good look at everyone. Pnoto: Sack, 05-28-2013.

Friendly humpback making the rounds to get a good look at everyone. Photo: Sack, 05-28-2013.

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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