Conditions remain beautiful out on the bay and the humpbacks are hanging around to enjoy the winter and continuing anchovies. The Long Beaked Common Dolphins continue to please tremendously as they come to play with Sanctuary almost daily. Finally we had Risso’s dolphins again just about five miles West of Moss. This is hands down… Read More

Monday’s trip began with a sighting of an entangled humpback whale. We called the rescue team and stuck with the unfortunate whale until they could get out to help it. After this humbling start (we’ve seen too many entanglements this year) we came upon an active breaching and slapping humpback whale and many long beaked… Read More

Today the long-beaked common dolphins stole the show from the humpbacks. There were thousands of dolphins, bow-riding, wake-riding, leaping and whistling. After an hour of almost nonstop bow-riding and milling about, all of a sudden their behavior changed dramatically. The entire school took off in formation, leaping and speeding away as if they were being… Read More

This January is one for the records with super calm conditions including awesome skies and lighting. Humpback whales are continuing to feed within five miles of Moss daily along with thousands of sea birds and common dolphins. It is sheer delight to spend several hours with a group of foraging humpbacks, birds, sea lions and… Read More