We just can’t get away from the whales if we tried. The Humpbacks have not left Monterey Bay yet, and are seen in every which direction when we head out of the Moss Landing Harbor right on top of the Monterey Submarine Canyon. Not only do we still have these massive congregations of California Sea… Read More

Today was wonderful as we had one LARGE feeding frenzy! There were 15+ whales popping up within a flurry of California Sea Lions and a whole bunch of birds trying to steal a morsel when they can. Several whales cruised right in front of the boat giving several passengers a whiff of the fishy-smelling whale… Read More

The whales are still here and giving us a spectacular show! We definitely received the works today from the marine mammals. There were several sea otters snacking on our harbor exit, a feeding frenzy of Humpback whales along with the CA sea lions on the anchovies, followed by the Humpbacks lunge feeding, breaches over and… Read More