This Photo by Giancarlo Thomae shows the inside of a whale’s mouth with the two rows of baleen and the pink palate. Note the tiny anchovies escaping from the gaping whale mouth. This week has been quite incredible aboard Sanctuary and on the Monterey Bay. The whale action really picked up over the weekend… Read More

Today was wild at Moss Landing with a tightly packed mob of California sea lions and a dozen close-knit humpback whales swimming circles around a school of anchovies for hours. Sanctuary was instantly surrounded by whales and sea lions as soon as we exited the harbor this morning. We spent over three mesmerizing hours amongst… Read More

Another steller day on the bay today with at least fifty humpback whales cruising around us and as far as we could see. We had breaches, tail lobs, pec slaps and lunging – the full suite of behaviors. At one point a humpback got caught up in the kelp and shook its giant tail fluke… Read More

I missed the last six days of whale megapods swarming outside Moss Landing as I was down in Ventura and the Channel Islands with our sailboat. I had to see it with my own eyes today to really believe it. Wow! Everywhere you gaze, there are many whales surfacing as far as you can see.… Read More

Today we had to go out a few miles to find whales, but once we did we hit the jackpot! The circling close to Moss Landing came to an end a few days ago. Here are some photos that we are posting from a trip the day before. They were all photographed by passenger Peter… Read More

Things really changed today out on Monterey Bay. We had a large group of humpback whales actively surface lunge feeding. The anchovies were near the surface so the whales came plowing straight up with their huge mouths open. What a sight! We’ve been waiting for this action to happen and finally it has. We also… Read More