The past ten days we have had ideal conditions for whale viewing inside the bay very close to Moss Landing. The humpback whales have been feeding on anchovies right here at the head of the Monterey Submarine Canyon swimming big circles around and feasting. Some trips they get frisky and we’ve had incredible chronic breaching… Read More

After nice looks at a couple of southern sea otters and a mola, we kept heading west hoping to stumble across a cetacean or two. Then we had a report of a single male orca about three miles from our position. So we made a course and put the hammer down. It didn’t take long… Read More

Another awesome day out on Monterey Bay today. We found a big blue whale within a few miles of Moss Landing and it just keep getting better as the day progressed. The blue whales are inside the bay and focusing on the area directly west of Moss Landing. They are cruising in big circles feeding… Read More

Holy mackerel. The marine conditions have been unstable lately. When I woke up this morning the ocean conditions were pristine off of Moss Landing. I like to enjoy my morning coffee while I check out the ocean conditions at the Moss Landing harbor mouth. A set of binoculars nearby. Sometimes I get lucky and and… Read More