Another beautiful day out on the bay today. The two humpback whales are making their rounds right outside of the harbor mouth. Today we got some very close swim-bys which was a thrill for our passengers. The strange sighting for today was an elephant seal inside the Moss Landing Harbor right in the center of… Read More

The anchovies are back – and the lunging humpbacks – and the diving pelicans – and the cavorting sea lions. It is wild here at Moss right now. We had two humpback whales at sunset lunging straight up out of the water with their gaping mouths open and huge bulging chins expanding. What a thrill!… Read More

It started out pouring down rain and I gather our small load of passengers inside the cabin to stay dry. We were hoping for the trusty humpbacks that have been circling right outside of Moss today. But there were gone. We headed out towards the southwest to a whale report and soon found Risso’s dolphins.… Read More

Our neighborhood humpbacks are still circling right outside the Moss Landing Harbor. They are cruising for food to fatten up for their long journey southward to the breeding grounds off southern Mexico next month. Monday they put on quite a show for our intrepid passengers who braved the rain and stormy winds to view whales.… Read More

This photo shows one of the many frolicking Rissos dolphins we observed today as they leaped about the boat over and over and over! The hour-long dolphin interlude was enough to make anybody’s day. But something impelled me to break away from the delightful dolphins to go searching for some larger cetaceans. It was not… Read More

Beautiful calm and sunny conditions made for a very pleasant cruise today. We had brief looks at a good variety of wildlife today. Here’s the list: humpback whale right at Moss Landing, harbor porpoise, Dall’s porpoise, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Elephant Seal female, many molas, blue shark plus many birds, jellies, sea lions and otters. It’s… Read More

Another incredible day out on the water. The conditions are so calm and clear – both the skies and the water. We look down into the water and see so many jellies and other cool invertebrate critters floating by all day long out there. Today started with a pretty darn good Orca sighting. It included… Read More

Captain Mike aboard the submarine Antipodes with sub pilot Randy This week are venturing into the depths as we work as the support vessel for the submersible vessel Antipodes. This five-person submarine is owned by OceanGate and affliliated with the Open the Oceans educational foundation. They are making a visit to Monterey Bay in conjunction… Read More