Sanctuary Cruises Marine Wildlife Tours on the Monterey Bay

  • We run a longer trip, which gives us time to find cool stuff and more time to spend with the animals. We’re always the last boat in because we like to be out there with the marine wildlife more than anyone.

  • We guarantee you will see whales or your next trip is free!

  • We’ve partnered with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to help with marine education by donating a portion of all ticket sales to the foundation.

  • Our trips have fewer passengers on board than any other boat in the Monterey Bay. Most marine wildlife/whale watching boats in The Monterey Bay take out between 45-120+ passengers on any given trip. Our boat Sanctuary is U.S. Coast Guard certified to carry up to 39 passengers. However, we generally average around 25 passengers per trip for a more enjoyable, informative experience for all. We offer a higher end trip and a better experience. We’re the boat the locals prefer to go out with.

  • No age limits and pregnant women are welcome.

  • We use 99% biodiesel made from recycled vegetable oil in our brand new engines. It’s better for the ocean creatures, the air, our engines & you.

  • We’re the only company on The Bay owned by a woman with degrees in marine biology & education and a captain with vast experience in both power boat and sailing seamanship. And we run the trips as a team. So you get the owners of the company taking you out and ensuring you have a great day with the Monterey Bay marine wildlife.

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